Monday, July 13, 2009

Part Five: The Press

You can’t please all the people all the time: Tinseltown gives you a panel of critics against whom you will test your latest work of art. These critics come from a wide variety of media and vary just as widely in their sway. One minor critic can rant ‘til blue and still not save your darling project. The biggest critic need only turn down his thumb to crush your dreams.

Yes, the critic panel influences the ratings of your project but they can also go the further step of lavishing you with trophies come award season. Tinseltown has several ceremonies to honor the best (and even worst!) projects and characters of the year. Each trophy earned will influence the staying power and residual income of your project. Each year, only one project will earn Tinseltown’s highest honor, The Arthur.

In Tinseltown, each real life day is a week. Each month has 4 weeks. A year passes every 48 days of real time. This means awards season comes every month and a half. Relish your wins but then get back to work!

So…the last 5 days of the ‘year’ are reserved for awards shows.

Day One - specialty awards like the low budget awards show – “The Indies”; the Sci-Fi “Sol Awards” and Horror “Screamies” ceremonies.
Day Two - the Tinseltown Arist’s Guild (TAG) awards – these are voted on by the players of Tinseltown (those that meet certain criteria)
Day Three - is the “Goldies” awards (different categories, different perspective)
Day Four – The Big Ones – Commercial’s “Homeys”; Television’s “Fannys”; and Film’s “The Arthurs”
And Day Five to recognize the very worst projects and career moves of the year – “The Goonies”

Tabloids care less about critical review than image reinforcement. Tabloids thrive on fame and relationship gossip, often at the expense of Tinseltown’s denizens. Characters who achieve a certain amount of Presence will start being featured in the tabloids. These appearances influence your Presence and Credibility, both positively and negatively.

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