Sunday, June 21, 2009

Part Six: City Life

It’s important that you make every week of your life count (much like you do with your own life, of course). Set your schedule to include a lot of work for yourself but don’t forget to dedicate time to your health and personal life. If you’re not involved in a project, select one of the following ways to spend your time:

Acting Class – will round out your attributes to some extent though not nearly as much as being involved in actual projects.
Broadway – Take on some challenging Roles and make some connections. You never know who will be working on Broadway.
Conditioning – Taking time to maintain or improve your attributes through strenuous physical activities
Talent Practice – Helps develop secondary skills
Public Appearances – Brush up your Presence and promote your projects with television interviews, magazine features, awards show participations, party goings, red carpet entrances and more
Personal Life – Hookups and Breakups as outlined below
Vacation – Doesn’t boost any of your characteristics but it can save them (especially the Mental ones) from eroding.


Over time, your character may fall in (and out) of love. This can occur in one of two ways. The first is decided by you. If there is a particular character that appeals to you, simply select the Hookup option in the Relationships menu. If the Hookup is reciprocated, the characters will begin dating. The second way is a random result of Chemistry. Emotions run high on the set and if two characters involved in a project have an extremely high Chemistry Rating a Hookup may occur.

You may choose to engage in a same sex hookup in Tinseltown, but they will never occur randomly.

When the magic ends, simply select the Breakup option and it’s over…at least for you. If the Breakup is not reciprocated by the other character further complications may follow! Breakups may also occur without your permission. A character’s Discipline points and life choices largely influence these seemingly random occurrences.

Developer’s Note: When random breakups occur some folks will want to get back together. At first (for an interval of, say, a month) the pull down menu will grey out the Hookup option with their ex. Each time the couple gets back together the odds of their breaking up again rises exponentially. The tabloids will love it more and more each time.


Yep, you can even get married. Yes, you can even get divorced. There is buzz involved.

The result of these hookups is, of course, children. Children will affect the lives and careers of your characters in a variety of ways. Mostly, they will consume your time and generate media buzz.
The children of Tinseltown’s citizens can play a role in the future of the city themselves. When children are born, they enter the Free Agent pool. Newbie players entering Tinseltown for the first time have the option of choosing a child of an established personality or beginning as a complete unknown. Child Actors begin the game with a certain amount of Presence and a bit of a reputation.

Tinseltown (TM) supports population control, especially among Actor types. If you don’t want children, select the Birth Control option in the Relationships menu. If you really don’t want children, select Get Fixed. You must work this option into your schedule.

The good news about all this money you’ll be making is that it practically spends itself!
The better your character’s discipline the less money will fly out of your life.
There are though a number of items you may purchase to pamper your character…houses, property, fashions, vehicles, sports franchises, &c. Each large purchase reduces your Discipline and helps money go away but will also to some degree boost your Credibility and Presence.

Time passes quickly in Tinseltown so it’s important to seize opportunities. A week clicks past every day, so a real time year is equal to just over 7 Tinseltown years.
Your character ages accordingly and will need to adapt to different roles in her many stages of life. Physical and mental health will eventually deteriorate and your character will die. Welcome to the Circle of Tinseltown life.

Plastic Surgery, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism

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